Conkers Wood and Metalcrafts

Bespoke Hand-Made Chopping Boards
Lovingly crafted in our home workshop in Oxfordshire.
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Hand-Crafted Cheese Boards
For cheese lovers and gift givers alike, all our cheese board are made in our home workshop.
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Resin Treated Chopping Boards
We like to give our bespoke chopping boards a little "wow" factor with resin treatment.
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Robert The Robot
With many styles available,
brighten up your kitchen with Robot The Robot & Friends.
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Bespoke Coffee Tables
We offer made to order coffee and dining tables. Choose from resin or bow tie treatments or why not have both for a really one-of-a-kind piece!
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Mounted Red Deer Antlers
Mounted onto a carefully shaped Maple "Skull", these antlers are then mounted on an Oak plaque to give a modern twist to the old fashioned Fleur de Lys style shield.
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Bespoke Dining Table
This stunning dining table is made from three burr Oak boards with carbon black metallic epoxy resin in the natural splits and the addition of several Ebony bow ties
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Personalised Family Anthropometer
Have you ever marked your children’s height on the back of the larder door, only to one day move house regretting leaving all that lovely history behind? A Family Anthropometer is the perfect way to record your family’s growth; it can be kept for generations and is the perfect interactive ornament for any family home.
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About us

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Conkers Wood and Metal Crafts is a bespoke handmade furniture business run by Hayley and Ed from their home in Oxfordshire. They lovingly produce bespoke one-off furniture, and items for your home, out of various wood and metals. Their unique approach to the crafting process means that each individual piece is both one-of-a-kind and perfectly imperfect. They use a mixture of resin and bowtie treatments for wood items, leaving a beautiful finish and some absolutely striking pieces.